When to use your horn| Steve Landers Collision Center

When to use Your Horn | Steve Landers Collision Center

It happens to the best of us. Traffic is bumper to bumper, and you just want to get where you are going, when someone cuts you off. You lay on your horn to let the other driver know you’re upset, and a bout of road rage rears its ugly head. When used responsibly, car horns allow drivers to alert other motorists of impending danger, helping to prevent accidents from occurring. However, when horns are used as a passive way to exact justice, they not only become a nuisance but a potential hazard. At Steve Landers Collision Center in Little Rock, we know one of the best ways to stay out of a wreck is to drive courteously. To keep you off the horn and focused on the road, our team has outlined when and how to use your horn.

When: Not every situation calls for the use of the horn. When a car is drifting into your lane, DO use the horn. Use the horn as well to alert pedestrians if they are walking into a potentially dangerous situation. DO use patience when driving. Honking in a traffic jam or at a person who doesn’t immediately go at an intersection does little to help and can make a situation worse.

How: Rarely do you need to use the horn for an extended length of time. Correctly using the horn means a quick honk to alert the driver(s) near to you. By honking for a brief period, you not only help keep you safe, but you also prevent drivers from becoming upset, including yourself. Quick honks are less aggressive and signal to the other drivers you are just alerting them of a potential safety hazard. No harm done. 

What NOT to do: There is no reason to lay on the horn. This only works to upset you and other drivers creating a potential road rage situation. The horn is also not a tool for honking at pedestrians who are walking in a crosswalk. Horns are significantly louder outside the car, and if they are in the crosswalk, they have the right of way. By refraining from bad behavior with the horn, you keep yourself safer on the road and out of any road rage situations. 

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