Why Turn Signals Matter | Steve Landers Collision Center

Picture this. You’re driving on a crowded highway as you look for the next exit to take. All of a sudden the car to your right bolts into your lane almost forcing you into the full lane next to you, the driver continues swerving through lanes until they are thankfully out of sight. If you have ever experienced this for yourself, then you know just how annoying it is to deal with drivers who don’t use their blinkers. Not only is this behavior a nuisance to drivers, but it can also create dangerous situations. At Steve Landers Collision Center in Little Rock, we want to make sure your time in your car is as safe and as productive as possible. Keep reading to learn why using your turn signal matters.

Car-to-Car Communication: One of the best ways to stay safe while on the road is to make sure others know what you are doing. Whether it is through using your blinkers, horn, and lights, inter-car communication is vital for making sure your trips are accident-free. Keep other in the loop by using you blinkers and save yourself and fellow drivers hassle.

Accident Prevention and Stats: It should go without saying that using your turn signals will help keep you out of accidents. According to a study conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers found that there are nearly two billion instances of turn signal neglect per day. Because of this, upwards of two million crashes per year are a direct result of a failure to use signals. These crashes not only cost drivers millions of dollars each year but also cost lives. By using your signal, you can save you money on repairs, and protect your life.

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