Driving Safe During the Holidays | Steve Landers Collision Center

Tips for Driving Safe During the Holidays | Steve Landers Collision Center

The holiday season has arrived, and for the next few months, people across the nation will hit the road to make their way to the homes of loved ones to celebrate. With the highways of the country crowded as families try to make it to their destination in time for dinner, vehicle accidents become increasingly common from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. At Steve Landers Collision Center in Little Rock, we want to make sure you make it to your destination and back safely. To help keep you alert on the road, our team has a list of safety tips for when you are on the way to the in-laws.

Service Your Car Before Travelling: Car trouble is one of the most common problems travelers encounter when on the road. Car problems are usually just a nuisance, but incidents like blown tires can place your car and the cars around you in danger. Lower the odds something like this happens by taking your car to the shop before you hit the road. 

Plan Trip Before Leaving: Even if you have made the same holiday drive for years, it never hurts to plan the trip before you leave. Planning can help make for a better drive by creating alternate routes because of bad traffic or weather, set a time to leave, and give you a better idea of when you should expect to reach your destination. With a little planning before you are on the road, you can save yourself the stress and only focus on getting where you need to go. 

Take Breaks: If your family is in for a long haul this holiday season, be sure to take some breaks. Groggy or drowsy driving can be as dangerous as driving drunk, putting you, your family, and the people around you in danger. If you feel your eyelids getting heavy, pull off a gas station or a rest stop and relax for a bit. While it may sound like a good idea to go without a stop so you can get there sooner, taking a break when tired can help make sure you end up with loved ones and not at the hospital.

If you have been in a wreck and your car needs repairs, let us know! At Steve Landers Collision Center, we want to put you back on the road as quick as we can. With a team of factory-trained technicians, our crew can return your vehicle to manufacturer specifications while our front office will work with your insurance to make your process a breeze. Get in touch today stopping by the shop, calling us at (501) 703-0276, or filling out our online contact form. Experience the Steve Landers difference and get moving today!

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