Staying Safe on Summer Roads

Staying Safe on Summer Roads | Steve Landers Collision Center

Summer means hot weather, the sunshine, and vacation. Whether it is a cross-country trek, a trip to the beach, or a drive to the park, people are out and about. While these trips can lead to memories that last a lifetime, the summer heat is working against your car. At Steve Landers Collision Center in Little Rock, we know that a trip to the auto body shop isn’t necessarily in your summer plans, so read below about the different ways that the season can damage your vehicle and take steps to prevent it.

Car Temperature: For cars to work properly, the engine of a car needs to stay in a particular temperature range. If an engine is too hot, severe damage can occur, including the destruction of your engine. The interior of your car can also get too hot. The inside temperature of a car can climb to 40 degrees above outside temperature in under an hour when left in the sun. Cooling systems are most likely to fail in the summer because of the amount of use, so give your car a check before you hit the road.

Tires: Keeping your car moving smoothly, tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle. While tires face rough roads all year long, summer streets can be particularly daunting. When tires move over the pavement, friction between where the rubber meets the road causing the tires to heat up. In under-inflated tires, this buildup of heat can lead to blown tires, which can lead to wrecks as well. In the summer, this problem intensifies significantly because of the high initial temperatures of the asphalt. Help yourself and keep your tires properly inflated, especially when driving long distances.

Car Body: While many people associate summer with a lack of rain, thunderstorms are more frequent in warmer months. Made up of large amounts of rain, hail, lighting and high winds, thunderstorms can be incredibly dangerous to drivers. Torrential rains can impede vision; hail can cause body damage, and winds and lighting can damage to your car when you least expect it. If you get caught in a thunderstorm, pull over in a safe place and wait it out.

At Steve Landers Collision Center, we hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer. If you get into a wreck when on the road, get in touch with us. Our team will work with your insurance to get your vehicle repaired and back to you in no time! As the premier auto body shop in Central Arkansas, our team is comprised of industry experts who can solve your problems. Stop by, give us a call at (501) 703-0276 or fill out our online form and see the Steve Landers difference.

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