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How to Stay Alert while Driving | Steve Landers Collision Center

For many, long-haul road trips mean fighting back the tide of sleep after hours behind the wheel. While a common experience for many drivers, operating a vehicle while tired can be extremely dangerous. At Steve Landers Collision Center in Little Rock, we want your driving experience to be as safe as possible. To keep you alert while on the road, our team has a few ways that may help you stay awake while driving.

Pre-Drive Nap: Before you hit the road, hit the hay. Taking a short nap can make a big difference when on the road. Studies have shown that sleep, even when it is less than an hour, can help give the body the necessary rest to help you stay alert long into the night. If you’re on the road and sleep is inevitable, pull over for a quick catnap. A little sleep can make a big difference for the safety of you and others.

Move Around: Physical activity is a great way to stay awake when on the road. By pulling over and stretching your legs, you can get your blood flowing and gain some energy in the process. A quick stroll at a rest stop or parking to get food can do wonders for helping to keep drowsiness at bay and breaking up the monotony of long drives.

Play Games: One of the biggest causes of fatigue on the road is the lack of stimulation for the brain. Keep yourself alert by playing car games. Whether it is the alphabet game with road signs, naming songs on random radio stations, or a rousing game of I Spy, road games are an excellent way to keep your mind moving while driving.

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