Wet Road

Safe Driving in Rainy Weather | Steve Landers Collision Center

If there is anything predictable about the weather in our great state, it is that Arkansas weather patterns are completely unpredictable. Whether we are experiencing snowstorms in March or tornadoes in October, Mother Nature takes the residents of the Natural State on a meteorological roller coaster,
and this summer has been no different. While summer months are typically associated with a lack of rain, the past month has seen torrential rain dousing the state. Driving in the rain can be dangerous, with inadequate visibility, slippery roads, and distracted drivers. To keep you safe in the rain, our team has come up with some tips for when you are behind the wheel and its wet outside.

Back Off: One of the biggest problems is that car control becomes much more challenging. Slick tires and wet brakes mean that stopping takes significantly longer than it would on dry roads, making it imperative to slow down and back off the car in front of you. By giving yourself more room to brake, you could prevent a collision by having the room to come to a complete stop or maneuver your car to avoid problems.

No Cruise Control: Technology in a modern car is just as important as any other feature that is now available. On dry roads, technology like cruise control, or its advanced brother, adaptive cruise control, allows you to focus on the road and not on your speed, keeping you at a reasonable and safe distance. However, these technologies do not operate as well on wet roads. Cruise control makes it more likely you will lose control and end up crashing. Nobody wants that. 

Stay Calm: Many potential issues that could arise from driving on wet roads can be handled by just using common sense. To make good decisions while driving, it is always important to remain calm. By staying relaxed, you will be more likely to make the right decision if your car skids or starts to hydroplane, potentially saving you from a wreck, car damage and injury to yourself or others.

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