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When to Repair Frame Damage | Steve Landers Collision Center

For many who have been in an accident, the words “frame damage” mean that their car is totaled. A totaled car may mean money in your pocket for something new, but the process of getting a fair deal and finding a new car can be a headache. Fortunately, not all frame damage is a total loss. With new technology and a skilled technician, your beloved car can get back on the road. Check out more information below to see if repairing frame damage is an option for you.

Insurance Thresholds: DependiTechnician at Steve Landers Collision Centerng on the insurance company, your agent may declare a vehicle a total loss at any point from as little as 50% of the fair market value. If your insurance says your car a total, it is done. However, because of the way cars are built, even significant frame damage may not result in a total loss.

Type of Frame: Most modern car frames are made with a unibody construction. Unibody construction is different from older body-on construction because, in current vehicles, the body, and the frame are the same. While this may mean body damage can result in frame damage, newer cars are easier to repair because they were built in sections. If one part is damaged, a skilled technician can just remove it and replace it.

Type of Technician: To properly repair frame damage, you will need someone who has years of experience with auto welding and frame repair. Taking your car to someone with little to no experience can leave your car in bad shape and put you in danger when driving. Instead, find someone experienced, like the team at Steve Landers. Our team is trained to the highest standards given by manufacturers and will make your car meet original factory specifications, using the best parts and repair techniques.

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