Reasons for Wrecking Common Causes of Car Accidents

Nobody ever intends to get into a car accident, but sometimes things happen that we just can’t control. Accidents are often preventable though — it just comes down to education, preparation and reaction. If you do get into an accident, our team here at Steve Landers Collision & Glass can help you get your vehicle back in tip-top shape, but we’d rather help you avoid the collision altogether. Just by being aware of some of the most common causes for car accidents, you can be more prepared to avert them. Read through our list of some of the most common causes of car wrecks below.


  • Distracted Driving


      • The number one cause of car accidents isn’t as obvious as you’d think. It’s not driving drunk or recklessly speeding through stop lights. The top cause of car accidents is actually driving while distracted. So think twice before you take in the scenery or send a text while you’re on the road. It could cost you big time.


  • Drunk Driving


      • Of course, driving drunk is still a major problem that causes a lot of collisions. It might not seem like that big of a deal when you’ve only had a drink or two, but it can still affect your ability to function normally. Even if you’re driving sober, remember to keep an eye out for drunk drivers that won’t be keeping an eye out for you.


  • Reckless Driving


      • If you get impatient on the road, you might be more prone to reckless driving. When you whip back and forth through traffic, speed past slower cars or tail cars too closely, you are putting yourself at risk for an unnecessary car wreck. If you want to avoid being late, leave earlier — but driving recklessly is never worth it.


  • Running Red Lights & Stop Signs


      • This goes along with the reckless driving thing, but it’s still an important reminder. A red light means stop, period. A stop sign means stop completely, every time. When you fail to do that, even if you think you can totally make it, you run the risk of not only hurting yourself but hurting other drivers that are following the rules.


  • Driving at Night


    • Did you know that your chances of getting into a car wreck are nearly doubled at night time? You can’t see as well when the sun’s not out, so you need to be extra aware to make up for it. If you have any vision issues, it’s not okay to forget your glasses or contacts before driving in the dark. Just don’t do it.


These is not a comprehensive list by any means, but it serves as a good reminder about some of the most common causes of car accidents that we probably don’t think about all that much. If we make it a point to stay aware of these things, we can significantly decrease our chances of getting into a wreck. For more ways to avoid car accidents, see our blogs on driving in the rain and deer crossings.