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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car Steve Landers Collision Center

New year, new you. You’ve heard it many times before — so many, in fact, that it might start to lose its meaning a little. Every year, you make resolutions to get in shape, eat healthier, spend less money, spend more time with family, or better yourself in some way. All great things — but maybe it’s time to put a different spin on those resolutions. Have you ever made a new year’s resolution for your car? No? Well, Big Steve has some great ideas about car-related new year’s resolutions you can make in 2018, and we’re going to share them with you. Check them out below!

I resolve to take my car in for maintenance (on time).

You probably already know how important it is to take your car in for oil changes and basic inspections. But do you wait until the very last minute, or do you always take your car in for service on time? For 2018, resolve to set a schedule and actually get your maintenance done when it’s due. You’ll feel better, and your car will definitely feel better. Plus, scheduling regular tune-ups will help maximize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and overall performance. Worth it!

I resolve to keep my car clean.

First things first, take your car to the car wash and give it a good deep clean. Get the paint shining like new, and don’t forget to vacuum the interior too! Not only does keeping your car clean make it look good, but it actually prevents damage and saves you money in the long run. Once you give it a good wash, resolve to keep it that way. Spend a little time once each week to give it a quick cleaning, rather than waiting until you can’t stand it anymore. Nobody likes riding in a messy car, and you’ll be thanking yourself when it comes time to sell it or trade it in.

I resolve to be proactive.

The best way to keep your car in good shape is to take it in as soon as you notice that something’s not right. If you hear a weird noise, or notice a dent in the door, or see that your windshield is starting to crack — bring it into Steve Landers Collision Center in Little Rock and we’ll get it taken care of before it becomes a bigger issue and ends up costing you big time. If nothing else, it will give you peace of mind. If glass repair is what you need, we’ll even come to you!

I resolve to stop texting and driving.

If you’re one of those people that sneaks a few texts on the road, there’s no better time than the start of a new year to finally put an end to the bad habit. You know it’s not a good thing to do, we all know that. But it’s easy to ignore the warnings and just do it anyway. Don’t become a statistic this year. Resolve to put the phone down while you’re behind the wheel, and leave it there until you put it in park! Your life is so much more important than responding to that last message.

I resolve to slow down and calm down.

The world moves so fast sometimes, just driving to work or running errands often feels rushed. This year, resolve to leave early enough to take it slow. You shouldn’t have to speed or whip around cars to make it to work on time every day. Plus, if you’re an aggressive driver, it’s actually costing you. Every time you speed or slam your foot down on the gas, you’re increasing your fuel consumption — by as much as 35 percent. Save gas and money by slowing down, calming down, and enjoying your drives every day.

If your vehicle has any issues that need to be addressed in order to start the new year off right, bring it in to see us at Steve Landers Collision Center. After that, follow these tips to keep your car the best version of itself all year long!

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