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The Myth of Warming Your Car | Steve Landers Collision Center

When the weather gets cold, it can often feel like you and your vehicle are in a battle against Mother Nature. Before hitting the road, the traditional wisdom is to let the car idle before getting out of the driveway. The idea behind idling is to heat up the liquids in the car to make your engine run better, making your car last longer. In many cases now, idling may do more harm than helps. At Steve Landers Collision Center in Little Rock, we want to help you keep your car in the best shape possible. Keep reading to learn more about why it might be best to let keep your car “cold.”

Old Engines: The wisdom of idling comes from the days of the carburetors, which were common in engines before the advent of direct fuel injection. When carburetors were standard, engines needed to warm up to reach proper engine temperature, which allows the vehicle to run. However, with the advent of the direct injection system for the engine, your car does not need to warm up, meaning the entire time you are idling, you are wasting gas and putting wear on your engine.

Engine Oil Dilution: If you have a car that uses direct fuel injection and idle your car, you run the risk of diluting the engine oil. Oil dilution occurs when gasoline seeps into the motor oil while the car is still. While the oil works to keep your engine from breaking down, the gas slowly destroys the lubricating properties of the motor oil, which means while you are trying to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible, your engine is working against you.

Keep out of Trouble: Another advantage of refraining from idling is that you make it harder for people to take your car. In the winter, idling cars can be susceptible to theft, which will ruin your day for more reasons than one. Keep yourself out of trouble by not turning on your car until you get in.

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