Keep Pollen Off

Keeping Pollen Off Your Car | Steve Landers Collision Center

As flowers bloom and the world returns to a greener state, it is easy to think you are out of the woods when it comes to car maintenance because of the weather. However, spring can bring another set of auto issues. Pollen is a pain for many reasons. While it is mostly known for making your nose run and making flowers bloom, pollen can be a detriment to your car, even potentially rusting your car out! If you want to ensure pollen isn’t a problem, keep reading to learn more.

Don’t Just Wipe: Pollen is designed to cling to anything it touches, whether it is a bee or a car, in hopes of getting to the next plant using prongs that can be seen on a microscopic level. While it may seem okay just to wipe off the pollen on dry paint, every swipe can bring about tiny scratches, destroying you paint job and over time, encouraging rust.

Wash Well: To keep from scratching your car, all you need to do is give your car a good bath. Using soapy water, gentle agitation and thoroughly drying the vehicle, you will keep your vehicle looking good without having to worry about unwanted scratches.

Change Air Filter: Pollen isn’t only a nuisance on the outside of your vehicle. As you drive around, the air you bring in from your A/C can bring it inside your cabin, making your allergies worse and taking the fun out of driving. To keep the pollen at bay, change your air filter to keep pollen out our your hair. Literally.

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