Why It Is Important to Wash Your Car

Washing your car can be a hassle – especially when you know it is just going to get dirty again. You either have to get out the soap, the hose and manually wash the car, or you have to take the time to drive to a car wash and spend money to get it washed. Either way, it takes time and effort to keep your car clean. It might leave you wondering, “Is it even worth it?”

The answer is yes. Keeping your car clean is actually extremely important to the maintenance and upkeep of your car’s exterior. Here are 3 reasons why it is important to wash your car:

1. It makes your car look good.
The first and most obvious reason to wash your car is that it makes it look good. No matter how much money you spend on a car, it will not look nearly as good if you don’t watch it. A clean car impresses anyone: potential suitors, friends, business colleagues. Keep your car clean and keep it looking good.

2. It keeps your paint safe.
Washing your car keeps your paint safe. Bugs and bird poop sitting on your car can scrape off your car’s protective coat and damage your paint job. Bird poop and bugs excrete acid which can burn your car’s protective coat off within days. Therefore, it is important to wash your car regularly and keep these dangerous elements off.

3. It saves you money.
The last reason you should wash your car is that it can ultimately save you money. Repairing your protective coat or getting a paint job could cost you upwards of $500. When you consider this, it is definitely worth it to pay $5 and take it to the car wash.