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With improvements in car safety occurring at a rapid pace, many of today’s cars are built to keep you safe through a multitude of means. While these advances have helped to reduce fatalities on the road, the most effective safety feature in your car happens to be just a strap that goes across your chest. At Steve Landers Collision Center in Little Rock, we want to help keep you safe while on the road. Keep reading to learn more about why your seatbelt is the most important safety feature in your car.

Seatbelt Design: A simple design that has an enormous impact on safety, the seatbelt is a prime example of simplicity done right. Built to spread the force of an impact across sturdier parts of the body over a longer period, lowering the likelihood of severe damage. Comprised of a lap belt and a shoulder belt, the two sections are secured to the frame to make sure that passengers are held in place in the event of a collision. This, along with the webbing of the seatbelt is designed to stretch, dampening the stop while working with other features like the airbag system.

Safety Statistics: Since seatbelts were first required to be installed in cars in 1968, this safety feature has saved thousands, if not millions of lives. According to the Center for Disease Control, seat belts saved the lives of 12,802 people in 2014, with seat belts reducing overall serious crash-related injuries and death by half in the same year.

Seatbelt Laws: In Arkansas, seatbelt laws are primary enforcement citations, meaning officers can write a ticket for just a seatbelt infraction. For people who are 15 years or older and are in the front seat, the police can write a ticket for a seatbelt violation. In other areas of the nation, seatbelt laws are considered secondary violations, meaning cars cannot be pulled over for seatbelt infractions but can be added on to other violations.

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