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Filing an Insurance Claim | Steve Landers Collision Center

When in an accident, one of the most important parts of the process is filing an insurance claim. While filing with your insurance may seem like a hassle, getting started with the process as early as possible can be incredibly beneficial. At Steve Landers Collision Center, we want you to have the best experience that one can have when dealing with the aftermath of an accident, so we have outlined the steps of filing a claim with your insurance. While every insurance company has procedures that differ slightly, these basics should help you navigate your way to a properly filed claim and a repaired vehicle.

knowyourrightsContact your Insurance: As soon as it is possible, contact your insurance agent to begin the claim process. When speaking with your representative, have policy information, names, addresses, driver’s license and license plate numbers of every person involved and the date of the accident.

Have your Car Inspected: Once you have spoken with your agent after the crash, you will need to get your vehicle inspected so the cost of the repairs can be determined. While your insurance can recommend an auto body shop, you have the right to choose where you send your car for inspection. Learn more about your rights here.

Adjustment and Repair: After an auto body professional, like the ones at Steve Landers Collision Center, has inspected the car, your adjuster will take all of the information that has been gathered and determine fault and provide a cost estimate. Once you have filed your claim and your insurance has allotted you money, you can get your car back to driving form. Make sure when you are looking for an auto body shop, you choose a company who is known for doing a good job and who is willing to work with you and your insurance company.

If you are looking for a collision center or auto body shop that won’t give you a headache, think Steve Landers Collision Center! Fill out our contact form, or call us at (501) 703-0276 for more information. With a team of experienced auto body professionals, we can get your car back on the road promptly.

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