Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a claim number?

Your insurance company will issue you a claim number when you report your accident. Bring it with you when you come in for repairs, and Steve Landers Collision & Glass Repair will take it from there.

Can you match my vehicle's paint?

Yes, we can! Steve Landers Collision & Glass Repair uses the most precise paint-matching technologies available, and constant upgrades to these technologies give us the highest confidence that our paint job will match your vehicle’s factory finish.

How long will my vehicle's repairs take?

If you would like an estimate of how long your vehicle will be under repair, your adviser will be happy to provide one to you.

Do you offer a shuttle if I need to leave my car?

We offer a transportation service to all customers, as we place a premium on your convenience. Providing a positive experience for you is important to us, and we are committed to going above and beyond to achieve this goal.

Will the parts be ordered before I bring my car in for repair?

Yes. Your vehicle’s parts are typically ordered when we prepare the repair estimate. We will schedule a time for you to leave your vehicle with us (usually a couple of days later); however, if your vehicle is in an unsafe condition, we will arrange for a rental vehicle for your convenience.

If my vehicle's frame is damaged, is it beyond repair?

A car is considered “totaled” when its repairs would cost more than the total value of the vehicle as determined by your insurance company. Modern vehicle frames are more durable than in the past, and our trained professionals can repair most damages to return your vehicle to its original factory specifications. Even if your vehicle’s frame is bent beyond repair, we will simply install a replacement.

Can I get other service work done on my vehicles while it's in your shop?

Absolutely. Simply inform your service adviser of the additional services you would like done and we’ll complete them in a timely fashion.

Can you help me get a rental car?

No problem. If you’re in need of a rental car, we can help arrange one for you. Make sure that your insurance company will pay for a rental car under your policy by checking your contract or calling your insurance company.

Will I know when my vehicle is repaired?

We will notify you by phone or email when your vehicle is ready to be picked up. You may also call or email your service adviser to ask questions or inquire about how repairs are progressing.

Do you offer any warranty on my vehicle repairs?

Steve Landers Collision & Glass Repair guarantees all repairs with a lifetime limited warranty.

Will I need to pay a deductible?

Your deductible will have been determined by your insurance policy. Your insurance company will most likely waive your deductible if you were not at fault for the accident and/or you carry broad collision coverage. They will determine fault through a combination of your accident testimony and the police department’s accident report.

How do I pay my deductible?

If your insurance company doesn’t waive your deductible, you will pay your deductible to Steve Landers Collision & Glass when you pick up your vehicle. To learn more about your deductible obligations, call your insurance agent with your questions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

It is important to us that your payment for repairs is simple and convenient. We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), as well as cash and checks.