Electronics & Safety: Top Tech Features – Part 2

At Steve Landers Collision & Glass in Little Rock, AR, we are committed to helping you not only recover from accidents, but also to helping you prevent accidents before they happen. In our last blog post, we talked about a few of our favorite tech safety features including 360-degree cameras, park assist and collision warning.  In this post, we will dive into even more of our favorite safety features below.

Stay In Your Lane

It’s easy to start drifting into someone else’s lane; especially if you’re tired, you have limited visibility, or you’ve been on the road awhile. If you start to swerve or drift into the next lane, lane-keep assist systems will help you avoid the consequences of unintended lane departure. Depending on the vehicle, some systems will alert you when you’ve veered too far, and others will actually steer your vehicle back into the correct lane.

Cruisin’ Down The Street

Cruise control has been around for awhile now, but it’s never been this advanced before. Rather than just setting a speed, with a dynamic adaptive cruise control system, you can set a preferred distance between you and the next car. That means your car will recognize when traffic in front of you slows down or anything else that might require you to adjust your cruising speed. It will adjust automatically as you go so you don’t have to worry about resetting your cruise control every time you have to slow down. Speed alert is also a helpful feature—it will inform you of the speed limits and warn you when you are exceeding them.

Ready, Steady, Go

One of the most useful features for preventing accidents is electronic stability control. This feature is especially great for new drivers and drivers in areas with a lot of traffic. This system helps to reduce the risk of collision by slowing down individual wheels during emergency maneuvers and turns. It keeps your car on course while you’re turning, and it keeps you from going into a skid in the event you have to suddenly swerve to avoid something. Your car will identify the risk early, so you don’t have to panic!

Keep an eye out for Part 3 of this blog series to read about even more of our favorite tech safety features. When accidents do happen, you can count on Steve Landers Collision & Glass in Little Rock, Arkansas. We’re here to help you along every step of the way!

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