Electronics & Safety: Top Tech Features – Part 1

Safety has always been a huge consideration in the car industry. When you’re flying down the street in a 2000-pound hunk of metal, safety should be a top concern! Fortunately, we’ve come a long way in that department since the early days of automobiles. Technology has progressed, and what used to be cutting-edge is now standard. Electronics save lives every day. At Steve Landers Collision & Glass in Little Rock, AR, we are committed to helping you not only recover from accidents, but also to helping you prevent accidents before they happen. Check out our top tech features in this 3-part blog series to keep you safer in your vehicle below.

Eyes Everywhere

When considering the visibility of a vehicle, it used to be all about the seat height and size of your windshield. These days, there’s so much more to it. Many cars now come with rear vision cameras, or even better, 360-degree cameras. These allow you to not only see what’s behind you when you’re parking or backing up, but it keeps you aware of everything around you. That way, you don’t feel like you need to be looking everywhere at once and you can worry a little less about those blind spots. As a bonus, some systems will even parallel park your car for you with park assist.

Watch Where You’re Going

No matter how high-tech your car is, it’s still important to keep your eyes on the road. But with a pre-collision warning system, at least you have a backup just in case something goes awry. This feature will alert you of potential collisions using audio and/or visual alerts. If you become aware of the impending obstacle and put on your brakes, some systems can apply extra force when needed using emergency brake assist. If you don’t put the brakes on yourself, it can even apply the brakes automatically for you.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this blog series to read about more of our favorite tech safety features. And of course, we know that sometimes accidents still happen. When they do, Steve Landers Collision & Glass in Little Rock, Arkansas can help.

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