Electronics & Safety: Top Tech Features – Part 3

In our last two blog posts, you read about a number of ways electronics are saving lives every day. (Click here to read Part 1 and here to read Part 2). We could stop there, but at Steve Landers Collision & Glass in Little Rock, AR, we think it’s important for you as a driver to be aware of your options and to know how to keep yourself and your passengers as safe as possible. We have one more post for you with our final favorite tech features designed with your safety in mind. Read on to find out what they are!

Let There Be Light

With adaptive headlights, you can forget about about nervously switching back and forth between your brights and normal headlights. Your car can take care of all that for you now! With this feature, your vehicle will automatically toggle between your high and low beams according to traffic conditions both in front of and behind you. It helps to improve your visibility while making sure you’re not blinding other drivers. More than that, some systems will adjust the angle of your headlights to make sure you can see what’s ahead, even when you’re approaching a sharp turn or steep hill. Instead of shining straight in front of you, your headlights will hug the curves of the road. This is great for driving in situations where you have low visibility, like when it’s especially dark or foggy.

You Need A Break

Perhaps one of the most cutting-edge technologies in driver safety right now is the driver alertness detection system, or drowsiness control. This feature uses a combination of different technologies to detect when you are getting tired and need a break. Driving tired can be just as damaging as driving drunk, so this is an extremely useful and important feature. These systems can monitor data from both your vehicle and you as the driver, even checking your eyes for signs of fatigue. If you start to drift off, your car can alert you with flashing lights and warning sounds. If you don’t respond, the vehicle may apply your brakes automatically.

Next time you need an update on your vehicle, consider the types of safety features they offer. Some features might be better for inexperienced drivers, others for drivers with mobility restrictions, and some features are ideal for big cities or regions with a lot of harsh weather. Of course, sometimes accidents still happen. When they do, Steve Landers Collision & Glass in Little Rock, Arkansas can help.

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