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Correctly Tow a Trailer | Steve Landers Collision Center

If you have ever had to swerve to avoid fishtailing trailer, you know that driving and towing are not the same, and that those who do not know how to tow properly can be a danger on the roads. When towing, the slightest adjustments can make a difference, keeping your trailer nicely behind you or careening into the next lane. Improper towing can lead to accidents and at Steve Landers Collision Center in Little Rock, we want to help keep your car out of the shop. Our team has some great tips to make sure that your time with a trailer does not result in a wreck.

Choose the Right Hitch: Choosing the right equipment can make or break driving with a trailer before it begins. Keeping your trailer attached to the back of your vehicle, hitch receivers are crucial for the success of your trip. Not all hitches are the same, as trailer hitches and receivers are divided into classes based on the amount of weight they can handle. As a good practice, find the hitch that can handle the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle. With the right equipment, you help make sure that your drive is safe and productive.

Cross Your Chains: If the trailer hitch did not properly connect when attaching the trailer, your chains are the last line of defense. Keeping your trailer from flying off and causing damage, trailer chains are an important safety net when towing. Cross the trailer chains for added protection. If the trailer slips, it will land on the chains instead of the road. Another benefit of the crossed chains is that they handle tight corners much better than chains that aren’t.

Regular Inspections: If you are towing over long distances, occasionally stopping to inspect the trailer and connections is a smart way to make sure your trip ends how you planned. Check the wire connections, cables and hitch pins to make sure everything is in the correct place. Give your tires a quick kick to make sure they are still properly inflated. Regular inspection stops will give you peace of mind and ensure that your trailer is properly hooked up.

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