Repairs you shouldn't try

Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Try | Steve Landers Collision Center

In Arkansas, may of us take pride in being able to solve problems on our own. Whether it is a problem in the house or the car, many weekend warriors and shade tree mechanics can tackle car maintenance projects like oil changes, filter changes, and minor belt replacements. However, there are some projects left to the pros. At Steve Landers Collision Center in Little Rock, we want to make sure that your car stays out our trouble. Before taking your tools to the engine, check out our list of projects that may be better suited for a mechanic.

Timing-Belt: One of the largest maintenance projects for your car, the timing belt is responsible for controlling the camshafts in your engine, which open and close engine valves. With maintenance required every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, the timing belt is critical to keeping your car on the road. Requiring lots of work, messing up a timing belt repair can take a $600 job and turn it into multi-thousand dollar problem. Save yourself the time and money and leave this one to the pros. 

Transmission: A product of precision, the transmission, is one of the most complicated parts of your entire vehicle. Comprised of upwards of a thousand tiny parts, and requiring incredible accuracy the smallest mistake while working on the transmission can render it useless. Don’t stress the small stuff and take it to the shop.

Airbags: A problem that you hopefully don’t have to deal with often, airbag replacement is a task you should take to the shop. A combination of electrical and explosive, making the wrong move while tampering with an airbag can come back to blow up in your face. Literally. No need to call a bomb squad, just call a mechanic.

If you have been in an accident and need car repairs, talk to us! As the premier auto body shop in Little Rock, we can get you back on the road and back to your life in no time! Let our team of factory-trained technicians get your car back to factory specifications while our front office works with your insurance to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. Get started today by coming to the shop, calling us at (501) 703-0276, or filling out our online form. Stop in today and experience the Steve Landers difference.

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