What to do in a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can leave you flustered. With plenty of other things racing through your mind, it’s easy to forget some important steps that need to take after being involved in a wreck. Our team at Steve Landers Collision Center auto body shop in Little Rock knows that accidents happen, and we want you to feel prepared if you are ever involved in one.

Crash - Steve Landers Collision Center
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Get Your Car to a Safe Location: If your vehicle can still drive, it is important to get your vehicle to a place that is out of the way and safe, like the shoulder of the road. While getting to safety is important, it is critical that you stay close to where the accident occurred so not to leave the scene. If possible, drive to the same spot to as the other vehicle involved.

Contact the Police: Even if no injuries have occurred, it is important to contact the police. They can help with filing reports for insurance claims for your vehicle. During your interaction with the police, cooperate fully, but avoid editorializing about what happened. Let the police do their job and determine who is at fault in the accident.

Gather Information: During the aftermath, it is important to write down as much information as possible. Taking information like names, license plate numbers, car insurance information and the names and badge numbers of any officers can help later down the road with filing your insurance claim. Use the camera on your phone to take a few photos of the scene to show to your insurance agent. It may even be helpful when taking the vehicle to the auto body shop to show them exactly what happened.

Getting into a wreck is something that we hope no person has to experience; however, if you find yourself in an accident, remember these pointers to help make the experience a little more bearable. After your crash, come by Steve Landers Collision Center to see what we can do as the premier auto body shop in Little Rock to get your vehicle back on the road.

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