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5 Common Car Myths: Debunked Steve Landers Collision Center

Growing up, getting a learner’s permit and ultimately a driver’s license is a huge milestone. It’s considered a rite of passage for many, signifying a transition from childhood to adulthood. Most adults in America know how to drive, and we all hear a lot of advice and tidbits of information over the years. But just because most Americans drive doesn’t mean most Americans know a lot about cars. After all, cars are hard to understand! A lot of what you think you know might not be completely true. In the list below, we’ll go through and debunk 5 of the most common car myths we hear.

Premium fuel makes your car run better.

This one is only partly true. If you drive a high-performance car and premium fuel is recommended in your owner’s manual, then yes — you should buy premium fuel. It is less combustible, and it can keep your premium engine from knocking. But if you drive any other kind of vehicle, stop spending your money on the expensive stuff. In this case, being bourgeois provides absolutely no benefit.

Big SUVs are safe and small cars are dangerous.

Maybe your parents refused to let you drive a small car as a teenager, or perhaps you are that parent, convinced that an SUV would be safer for your child than a sedan. We understand why this myth came about, but that doesn’t make it valid. SUVs are actually more prone to roll over or wobble than sedans, and most small cars today are built with high-strength steel, energy-absorbing crumple zones, and many other features that give them an edge in an accident. The good news is, most newer vehicles are infinitely safer than they used to be. It’s way more about how you drive than what you drive these days.

Turning your car on uses more fuel than idling.

Nope! This one might have been more true at one point, but not anymore. When you start your car, you’re not actually expending any more fuel than is required to keep your car idling. So actually, sitting in your car for a while with the engine on is most likely wasting more gas than it would to just turn it off and back on again. If you really want to save on fuel, consider turning your engine off when you’re going to be sitting in traffic for a while.

You should warm up cold cars before driving them.

We know, getting into a cold car in the morning is not fun. But to tell you the truth, turning your engine on to let it “warm up” before you drive isn’t going to make much of a difference, aside from wasting some gas. That’s because an idling engine is meant to run at its lowest power output, meaning it will generate the least amount of heat possible. If you really want to get it warmed up faster, the best way to do that is to drive it.

Overdrive will make your car go faster.

Dude, let’s kick this thing into overdrive! We’ve all heard it, but when you know what it actually means it seems a little silly. Overdrive doesn’t make your car faster, it simply shifts it into a higher gear — for cruising. So actually, you’re going to maintain your speed. But yeah, we know…it still sounds cool.

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