3 Things that Will Damage Your Vehicle's Paint

3 Things That Will Damage Your Vehicle’s Paint Steve Landers Collision & Glass

Everyone loves a pristinely clean and shiny outer appearance of a car. It makes it look sleek and new. But did you know that a shiny coat of paint provides much more than a stylish visual appeal for your vehicle – it also provides protection to your vehicle’s exterior from rusting and deteriorating. Damages to your vehicle’s paint such as scratches can put that protection in danger. Therefore, it’s important to have your car’s exterior checked out and scratches buffed out or fixed as soon as possible. But did you know there are other things besides scratches that can do serious damage to your car? Things like sunshine, tree sap, and gasoline can also have disastrous affects on your vehicle’s paint job.

Excessive Sunshine Can Damage Your Vehicle’s Paint

the sun can be harsh to your vehicle The UV rays from the hot Arkansas sun can seriously damage your vehicle’s paint. It is for this reason, its good to keep a good coat of wax on your car. But even with a well-waxed vehicle, If you park your car in a hot sun daily, the continued exposure to the sun can cause your automotive paint to peel away and fade. Note: some colors such as red or black can fade faster than lighter colors, too. To prevent sun damage to your car’s exterior, it is best to park your vehicle in the garage or in the shade whenever possible.

Tree Sap Left on Your Car Can Damage Vehicle’s Paint

Tree sap can damage your car's paint jobWhile we just mentioned that parking your car in the shade on a sunny hot Arkansas day is beneficial, you should know that if you frequently park your car underneath a tree that tree sap could become an issue.  Always be on the lookout for tree sap stains on the surface of your car’s paint. Tree sap is a very sticky substance, which hardens once it falls onto the surface of your car. Leaving tree sap on the surface of your car’s paint can cause significant damage to its clear coat, as well as the paint layers that are underneath the surface. You should remove it as soon as possible.

Gasoline Will Corrode Your Vehicle’s Paint

spilling gas on your car's paint can corrode and damage itWe are all probably guilty of getting gasoline on our vehicle at least once. However, gasoline is a highly corrosive substance that can eat away at your car’s paint job. Spilling a few drops of gasoline on your car’s exterior can lead to significant paint damage over time. So be careful at the pump.

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