10 Ways to Prevent Car Accidents

Accidents happen. It’s a risk you take when you choose to drive. However, there are some precautions you can take to keep your car intact and on the road. Here are 10 ways you can prevent a car accident:

  1. Don’t speed.
  2. Check your blind spots.
  3. Use your blinker.
  4. Drive slower
  5. Keep both hands on the wheel.
  6. Stay off your phone.
  7. Don’t’ play your music too loud.
  8. Scan the road in front of you.
  9. Look both ways before going through a stoplight.
  10. Brake early in the rain.

If an accident does happen, the Steve Landers Collision Center is here to help you! Call (501) 703-0276 and get in touch.